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The Trash Bin Caster Series EN840 Rubber (Steel Core) Swivel is designed for heavy-duty applications, specifically for waste containers and trash bins


  • Heavy-duty steel core for enhanced durability
  • Rubber tread for smooth and quiet operation
  • Total lock mechanism for secure positioning
  • Compliant with EN840 standard for waste bin containers

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Specification of EN840 Rubber (Steel Core) - Swivel Caster


  • Tread: Rubber
  • Core: Steel


  • Diameter: 150 mm to 160 mm
  • Width: 50 mm

Brake Types:

  • Swivel (Total Lock Brake)
  • Swivel (Directional Lock Brake)

Bearing Type:

  • Straight Roller Bearing

Finishing Type:

  • Zinc Plated


  • Complies with EN840 standard

Product Data



  • EN840 Compliance: This caster meets the EN840 standard, ensuring adherence to European safety and performance regulations for waste containers, making it reliable for municipal and industrial waste management.
  • Durable Construction: The core of the caster is made from steel, providing excellent strength and durability, making it suitable for heavy-duty applications
  • Rubber Tread: The rubber tread ensures smooth and quiet operation, reducing noise and vibrations during movement, which is ideal for indoor and outdoor envi
  • Swivel Mechanism: Equipped with a swivel mechanism, these casters offer enhanced maneuverability, allowing easy navigation in tight spaces and efficient waste collection and disposal.
  • Corrosion Resistance: The steel components are often zinc-plated, providing resistance to rust and corrosion, thus extending the life of the caster in various environmental conditions.
  • Heavy Load Capacity: Designed to handle substantial loads, these casters are ideal for waste bins and containers that require robust and reliable support.

General Waste Bins: The EN840 standard compliance ensures these casters are suitable for general waste bins, providing reliable and safe mobility for various waste management needs.

Industrial Waste Containers: With heavy-duty steel cores and robust rubber treads, these casters can support the weight and frequent movement associated with industrial waste containers, ensuring durability and longevity.

Outdoor Waste Management: The total lock feature enhances stability on uneven surfaces, making these casters ideal for outdoor waste bins where secure positioning is crucial.

Recycling Bins: The smooth and quiet operation provided by the rubber tread is beneficial for recycling bins, particularly in residential areas where noise reduction is important.

Commercial Waste Disposal: Suitable for commercial waste bins used in businesses, ensuring easy maneuverability and secure locking to prevent accidents in busy environments.

Municipal Waste Collection: The robust design meets the demands of municipal waste collection, offering reliable performance for daily use by waste management services.

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